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300 mpg prototype car unveiled by Volkswagen

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fuel-efficient car in the world, its 300 mpg far exceeding the Toyota Prius with its paltry 60 mpg. In an era of rocketing fuel costs, it will certainly find a market when it goes in to production in 2013.
As well as having cost-benefits for its owner, with just 24g/km of greenhouse gases, it will be exceptionally environmentally friendly.
“The XL1 brings the vision of the 1-litre car close to production,” read a Volkswagen statement, after the car’s unveiling at the Qatar Motor Show.

According to The Irish Times, “The secret of the car’s fuel efficiency, over 300 mpg in old money, is its “structural skin”, a lightweight shell made partly from carbon fibre-reinforced polymer that reduces its weight to 800 kg. The material reduces drag and has already made inroads into Formula One race cars.”

Industry insiders estimate that it will cost around €50,000.

Do you guys think that this car will actually make it into production? Will it make all hybrids and EV cars put to shame? with the 300 MPG rating?
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