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Well I be the first to post here regarding Toyota's new Prius. The Prius Prime Hybrid sure looks like a home run to me regarding exterior and interior new look. Heck you wouldn't even know it was a Prius, looking at the new streamlined body and smooth detailing. I've been concentrating on new EV's and trying to find something under $35,000. Hard to do until Chevy came out with the 2024 Equinox EV. Which I was leaning towards until I found out about the new Prius Prime.

I've got mixed feelings toward hybrid vehicles and EV. I wonder if hybrids will still be around in a few years, since it seems most major auto manufacturers are going all in on EV production on all vehicles lines. Just wonder if we're going to see a complete jump from ICE to EV and nothing in between. On the other hand I do feel new EV's coming out could have there fair share of recalls and performance issues. Be it bad batteries to complaints about lack of charging stations to slow charging delays. We're just in the first inning of the EV game where hybrids have been around for say twenty years. That probably works in Toyota favor right now. Just don't know come 2025 and beyond when more EV will be produced and on the road.

In any case looking forward to seeing what the price ranges are for the Prius Hybrid and Prime Hybrid will be and when actually delivery will take place in U.S. I'm assuming the Prius won't qualify for a tax credits in U.S. since it won't be made in the U.S. but not sure about battery tax credit. Some what of a shame if U.S. EV's all get.a sizable tax credit while Hybrids and EV's made in Japan receive no tax credits.
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