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The affordable and sensible Toyota Corolla may not be the sexiest car out there, but it appeals to so many buyers and offers a sentimentality that is almost unrivaled in the business.

The Corolla managed to be the third most popular car in the U.S. last year and continues that trend in 2018 as well. Why?

The nameplate is a legend filled with memories of first cars, ultra reliable rides, and excellent value. How can anyone argue with that? For years, the Corolla has been the go-to affordable car because of all the stories of it being universally good. Good means all kinds of things to many people, but the car has been in almost every family’s garage at some point. If not that, it’s been used for driver’s lessons, a rental ride somewhere, maybe your babysitter drove one… basically, if you’re a human, there’s a good chance you’ve had an interaction (and probably a good one) with a Corolla.
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