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Toyota is challenging the perception of what its midsize sedan should be, ditching the Camry’s reputation for reliability in favor of something more riveting.

It starts with the design, with the 2018 Toyota Camry featuring a new look that is out to shed the car’s perception for pragmatism, replacing it with something that errs on the exciting side. Featuring a much sleeker profile than before, the Camry’s hood, shoulder line and roofline were lowered for improved aerodynamics and aesthetics. New accents help round out the revised exterior package, with the two sportier SE and XSE trims getting a host of distinctive details.

Of course, the Camry’s newfound attitude had to extend beyond its looks. Riding on the same new global architecture that underpins the new Prius hybrid, the Camry is being billed as more than just a pretty face, with a dynamic drive to match. The car’s wheelbase has been extended by two inches (51 mm), helping pull the wheels closer to the corners for what should be better responsiveness. The platform is also more rigid than before, improving all-around agility.
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