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2017 Toyota Corolla Review

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The Toyota Corolla is simultaneously one of the most loved and most hated cars on the market. Millions of people buy Corollas, yet car snobs will go on and on about how much they hate it and how boring it is.

Here’s the truth: For what it is — a budget compact sedan — the Toyota Corolla is perfectly fine, especially because it has just been refreshed for the 2017 model year. There are a lot of misconceptions we have to clear up about the 2017 Toyota Corolla.

The first misconception is that we’ve all heard Corolla drivers can’t actually drive, but everyone has witnessed Range Rover drivers and can attest to the fact that these luxury SUV drivers are much worse.

In all seriousness, people will tell you that the Corolla is garbage because it feels like a cheap car, and that’s just not true either. The Corolla obviously can’t match a Lexus or even a Honda Civic in terms of swankiness, but it’s not as bad as you’ve heard especially when you remember how affordable it is.

The 2017 Toyota Corolla gets a new look that gives the sedan some personality, so it doesn’t look as cheap anymore, both inside and out. LED headlights and a backup camera are now standard, but more importantly, the Corolla gets Toyota’s safety technology package as standard as well.
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