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Toyota pulled back the covers today at its Hybrid World Tour event in Michigan, giving a small glimpse of advanced fuel-saving technologies currently in development.

Not surprisingly, the Prius was the center of attention. Unbelievably the next-generation will actually be better than today’s model! Can you believe it? In all seriousness though the car is expected to feature a wide-ranging lineup of improvements.

The internal-combustion gasoline engine in today’s Prius runs at thermal-efficiency rate of about 38.5 percent. The next-generation’s ICE will reach 40 percent. That may not sound like much, but every point is the result of hard-fought engineering battles.

Of course a gasoline engine isn’t the only part of a hybrid drivetrain.

“[The] next-generation Prius, specifically, will combine our advanced battery technologies with new electric motors that are smaller in size and feature improved power density,” Satoshi Ogiso, Toyota Motor Corporation’s managing officer, said.

Not giving anything away, he also mentioned that the company is stepping up its research, development and production capacity of both nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries. Toyota is also looking at future technologies like lithium air and even magnesium-based chemistries.
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