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We want a new reliable and economic sedan and focus on Prius. Autopriceshare dealers give me a $4000 discount off MSRP. The dealer also provide me another deal about 2015 Prius three($4500 off MSRP).
After comparing the difference between two and three, I think the Navigation in Prius three is the most useful option for me. However, a Garmin Navigation may only cost me 100 dollars. Though dealer give me $500 more discount for prius three, it is still a hard choice for me.
Should I pay 1000 more for 2015 prius three? Any suggestions will be helpful,thanks!

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Keep in mind that map updates for all the Prii models, so far, have been dealer only operations that costs BIG bucks.......well except for the OLD ones where the map was on CD.

So, if that is what might tip the scale, ask your sales person how much a map update will cost. If he says "NO COST", get that in writing from the dealership OWNER.

If I am ever tempted to get another new car with NAV, I will negotiate my best price and then subtract off an ADDITIONAL amount to make the NAV cost only about $150 because based on the stand-alone competition, that's about all it is worth.
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