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I just purchased a 2014 Prius Five and have searched the forum, for an exact answer, but everything that I have found on this was on a 2013 and older. Hoping someone with a 2014 Prius Five can confirm is Toyota made this factory or if the previous owner modified it?

So our 2014 has DRL on when turned to AUTO and car is READY. When I turn on the headlights, the DRL turns off, which sounds in line with everything I found online. But when I turn on the fog switch, the fogs turn on AND the DRL lights stay on. Did the previous owner do this or is this standard on the 2014+? From what I found online, It looks like there is a way to wire this up for 2013 and older, but after looking at the fuse box in the engine bay, driver, and passenger side, I don't see any cables jumped to the DLR fuse.

Another weird thing that is happening is after awhile, the DRL begin to flicker when the headlights/fogs are on. When its just the DRL on without headlights, they don't flicker.

Can anyone please confirm if the DRL on with headlights is stock and an what the flickering problem could be? Thanks.


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Have you asked a dealer about this ?

In some conditions, it might be desirable to have the fogs ON with the headlights which case the DRLs probably would stay ON.

I would be a bit concerned about the flickering though.
How did you find out that they are flickering ?
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