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My Prius V is a 2013 two model with 16" wheels.

I've ordered a nice 17" wheel/tire upgrade through my local Henderson, NV Discount Tire store

WHEELS-> ENKEI RPF1 Racing Series 17X7 at 14.6 lbs.
(lightest without breaking my budget)

TIRES-> Yokohama YK 850 all season
(had 2 sets on a RAV 4 and loved 'em for wear and handling.)

I'm staying within the factory specs on wheels (same as Prius V five model) so I can take advantage of my dealers "Tires for Life" program of"free" tires as long as I get all my service at the dealer.

These tires will make better use of my suspension upgrades:
1. Cusco center body "U" shaped brace
2. Cucco strut tower brace
3. Cusco rear anti-sway bar
4. Tanabe front anti-sway bar
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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