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2012 Toyota Prius V - Overview

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Even in its most efficient mode, the 134-horsepower drivetrain delivers full power if you stand on the gas pedal, which translates to adequate acceleration. I had to leave bigger gaps before pulling into traffic, but with two adults on board the V had little trouble maintaining 70 mph even on inclines. ----Kelsey Mays,

The Prius V's extended overhangs and slightly higher stance don't lend it as sleek a profile as the Prius, but there are enough similarities -- from the headlights to the windows -- that the cars look like they fell from the same tree. --Kelsey Mays,

Pricing won't be available until closer to the Prius' launch, but Toyota division president Bob Carter said he expects the price to be "a little higher than the current Prius' transaction price." That's around $25,000, another Toyota official told me, so the Prius V could very well start anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars above that. --Kelsey Mays,
Read more about it here, as we anticipate the release of the all new Prius V and all the extra goodies that come along as well :)
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cool read here about the Prius V.
When I first saw it I thought ... "whats the point of a big Prius like that with no 3rd row seat and no sliding doors?" But now I see what it's purpose is, the Idea behind the Prius V is great for your average family trying to get around and not put a hole in their wallet to fill up.

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