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2012 Toyota Prius c: Consumer Reports first drive

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I like the concept Prius C... but the over all the car seems alright!
The Prius C

Ya know, I drove a Prius 2 for a few days while waiting on my C to come in off the truck. Not only was I amazed, but a couple of the guys from my work were also amazed at how much smoother, quieter, and peppy'er the C was vs the II. Its what really caused me to to go with the C over another Prius model. Not to mention the Habanero orange looks great, everybody loves the color. Seeing that Im in Texas, and happen to be a big UT fan, its not too far fetched to own an orange car. The technology is far more superior than that of my bosses Prius, gen 1, its just a great car that offer great MPG. I drove it balls out to Dallas, about 4hr drive, and still was getting 45+ MPG's. On the way back, just went the speed limit and and was getting over 48 mpg. I cant wait to put a few personal touches on it, so that everyone knows its mine.

This is a great car, and for the price, you really cant beat it!


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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