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I want to be sure my timing marks are accurate before further disassembly.

As well The timing sprocket on left hand side , has a small rectangle at very top middle orange link. And left side middle of sprocket has another rectangle with small dot.
(Sorry not super visible in pics).

As well. I can feel a small bit of resistance when I go back or forth more than 10-15degrees. From this specific point I’m at.

so I just want to be sure I’m not opening something and closing the other when it should be reversed... 1811B4E6-07DD-4299-AA96-98E0C977B8A3_1605220868563.jpg 1811B4E6-07DD-4299-AA96-98E0C977B8A3_1605220868563.jpg 1811B4E6-07DD-4299-AA96-98E0C977B8A3_1605220868563.jpg


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