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Yesterday evening while driving back home suddenly the Multi-Information Display (MID) went black. I thought of taking my 3 years old Prius v Five to dealer to find out the issue with MID this morning, but the it won't start and the MID is still black.

So far I've tried jumpstarting the 12v battery but still it won't start. I checked the voltage of 12v, its showing me 12.6 volts. I also checked the battery status via diagnostics mode, and its showing within the normal range.
I will check for broken fuses next which I doubt that I'll find one.

Everything else radio, navigation, a/c, etc all are working fine except that I can't shift the gear to Neutral.

Would appreciate all the help.

I've uploading a video of the MID issue.....and also a video of starting problem. Please check the videos at the following youtube links:-

MID Problem:

Starting Issue:
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