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2011 Prius resale value

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I usually change vehicles every 5 years since I don't like keeping them for too long. I know its still pretty early to tell but how well do you think the Prius will hold its value and what might be its resale value in probably 5 years.
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They usually lose a big amount already as soon as they leave the lot. Plus its really hard to tell how the market will be. Theres a lot of variable factors but seeing as its a pretty good vehicle it should be able to hold its value pretty well.
never buy a vehicle just for the sole purpose of selling it later on as you will always lose money no matter what. i tend to get rid of them after the warranty period is over for whatever the blue book value is. then i just use that money towards a new one.
I know what you guys mean. I didn't mean I was going to buy one just to resell it. Its just that I tend to get bored of whatever I have. So most of the time I don't have it for too long. I was just hoping it would hold its value pretty well. I know some of them hold their value better than others and I was hoping this would be one of them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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