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My 2010 Prius when I put the car on heat the Drivers side blows heat but the riders side blows cold air.
When I put the car on AC the vents all blow cold and normal. The car has no over heat issues or warning codes.
When on heat it blows hot on drivers side and cold on riders side but it will eventually heat the whole car thankfully.

Just sucks keeping frost off the riders side windows.

I think the ac blend door actuator maybe going bad. Hoping it's not a heater core issue.

I have searched the internet and can not find the answer to my question before I start taking my 2010 Prius dash apart to remove and manually turn the blend door actuator to see if it needs to be replaced.

Were is the A/C blend door actuator in the 2010 Prius located?

I'm new to this forum and appreciate the help. Thank you in advance.
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