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Hi all,
This is driving me crazy, so I hope someone can help with this.

Summary: 2008 prius making grinding noises up front. Take it to local garage (been going there for years) and get front left bearing replaced. ABS sensor replaced as well. Leave garage and ABS light keeps coming on at all speeds. Take back to garage, clear the code with computer but ABS light continues to come on. FYI - brakes and rotors were done 6 months ago and the ABS light has never come on in the year that I have owned the car. Car is running perfectly - no noise or vibration.

Frustrated I take the car to Pep Boys. They look at it and want $1500 to fix and charge me $145 to look at it. Tell PBoys that I can't afford $1500 - they tell me that is the "corporate answer" and that I just need the axle nut torqued down and a new castle nut. Go back to my original mechanic and he says that pep boys has no idea what is wrong so PBoys just wants to replace everything. Mechanic increases torque from 90lbs to 100lbs.

ABS light is now out - but only under 60MPH. I can drive for hours under 60mph and the ABS light never comes on. I get on the highway - do 60mph - and the ABS light comes on. Go under 60 - wait a few minutes and the light goes away. This has been verified and repeated over three days.

My mechanic says that there is a "CUP" that might be holding or attracting debris - and that he wants to remove this cup. FYI - when he connects the computer to the car, the error message is "debris." He has put the car up on the lift and checked/cleaned - still getting error lights.

I look up info on the internet and find that the axle nut should be at 159lbs torque - Does this look correct? Part of me thinks that the axle nut is under-torqued and that vibration (or whatever) hits at 60mph and the light comes on - but I am not a mechanic in any way.

Should I let my mechanic remove this "cup?"

Any and all help greatly appreciated,
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