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I just bought my first Prius last week. It is a 2007 with very low mileage and seems to have been well cared for. I am in the process of changing all the fluids as I am unsure of what is new and old. So, here is the issue.

When I open the drivers door, I hear that chattering noise from under the hood. I am told via posts here and in other forums, it is the brake booster ABS pump assembly. As I get in the car, I hear the noise when I depress the brake and start the car but as the car cycles on, it stops for a moment. As I am driving the car, every 10 to 15 seconds, the abs/booster cycles on with that annoying chattering and then stops after 2 to 4 seconds. This cycle continues when I am driving. When I shut the car down, the chattering sound continues for about 2 minutes and approximately 7 cycles. So far, it has always stopped the chatter cycling after 7 cycles. The brake system works fine with no warning lights or stopping issues.

For me, the biggest annoyance is listening the that chattering while I am driving. I test drove a 06 Prius back in June and I don't recall hearing that noise. Is there a fix for this issue? Is this normal and did this come from the factory like that? It doesn't seem likely that Toyota would build a great car but have this tedious sounds as part of the cars normal operation.

Thanks to all. I have read many posts here but wanted a fresh perspective, if possible.
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