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I am going to replace the inverter on the vehicle. The Toyota service check indicated that it has failed. I have researched this enough that i feel comfortable with changing this myself. What I am not clear of is if I need to replace the cooling pump. I do see several articles talking about checking the flow on the pump, but no one is clear of what you need to do to initiate the pump. Will it come on after I clear all the codes and turn the ignition switch to the start position? Or does the engine have to actually be running? I want to change this if it is bad as long as I am taking the inverter out and draining the coolant.

Thanks for any input.

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I would be inclined to replace it whether it is working or not.

It is ~13 years old.

Also I would NOT be replacing something as expensive as the inverter without a second opinion.........and without first carefully checking all of the connectors and grounds.
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