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Default We got our Prime

Well, almost. We test drove it, signed a contract, then the dealership power failed and they couldn't do the paperwork. We'll pick it up on Friday, our first opportunity. The dealership didn't have the car fully cleaned up, the battery wasn't charged, so we'll give them a second chance. They'll also remove their second sticker of totally worthless items for the tiny total of $895...which I will not pay.

I did take the 780 page Owners Manual to start studying. It really needs to be tightly edited. Anyway...I think we'll like the car very much. The book says Charging takes 5 hours on home power (draws 12 amps) if the battery is fully depleted. 2 hours from a 240 volt charging station (draws 16 amps @ 240v). (The charger is built into all electric cars. The expensive box on the wall or pedestal is a special power supply.). Oil changes are 12 months or 10,000 miles. The car will tell us when the fuel is deteriorating from age and asks for fresh gasoline.

The test drive was fine. Plenty of power pulling on to the freeway. Smooth power and brake application. Good handling. Ride was a bit harsh, but I don't know the tire pressures (does the dealer's wonderfull 100% nitrogen fill ride harder?&#128514 Seats comfy, interior fine.

The 25 mile electric range will handle all our day to day needs. From the test drive starting with a low traction battery, electric to gas to electric transitions were smooth.

More later.
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Thanks for the post. The Prime is still not available in my area. SC. I am waiting for the dealer to get one. Pls keep us updated as you use it.
Thanks again.
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Looks to me like this is just a slightly upgraded and re-named PIP.
Am I missing something significant ??

'17 Prius C-4
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It doesn't appear to be a revolutionary change from the current Pris which I own, but rather a plug in with some differences. @ about 25 miles of pure electric power, that would be a substantial advantage to me since I rarely drive more than that in a day. It appears to be exactly like my current model on longer trips. The larger screen on the 2nd and 3rd level models seems very nice and helpful. And I do like the redesigned back and front of the car.
Initial test results reported in some car magazines indicate that it seems more stable driving because of the heavier batteries under the car. I'm not certain if it will get the gas mileage after the all electric drive is used up as my current model gets. I am very unhappy that there is no spare tire. When they become available in SC, I will certainly give it a long look and then decide if it is worth the additional cost..
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