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Default NooB from Maryland

I am trying to convince myself to buy a Prius v. Let me give a little back ground. I'm a cab driver on the road in Washington, DC as such for 32 years. I'm 70 years old which I think is relevant because the young take so easily to these new things. I'm trying but some of you other older sorts will understand.

The Prius v is very popular with cab drivers these day because of the excellent gas mileage. That's pretty much it. But it may help if I explain the reason we need this help is because of the effect Uber type services are having on our business. Half the year I am seeing a loss of 50% of my business. Winter is a little better.

I am a Gearhead. I have rebuilt alternators, lapped valves, installed upper and lower control arms, all else in the front end, steering boxes, exhaust systems and I have rebuilt several automatic transmissions. I do this to survive and because I want it done right. I own and ride the same a 1975 BMW R90/6 motorcycle for the last 19 years.

I'm leaning towards the type 2 Prius v because I don't need most of the finer features for the higher priced vehicles and I am of a mind that I must have a spare tire. I don't need wipers that turn themselves on or daytime driving lights (something I think is the stupidest thing added to cars in the last hundred years)

I don't like the smaller Prius because from info it looks to me that it is underpowered and not good for acceleration from a stop. It is also just too small for my job. All of the renters I have talked to say they would get the larger Prius if they could buy a car. I don't know a single owner that owns the smaller car.

I'll adapt to the funny way things are done as long as I can do things with the car when I see fit they happen, I guess.

Right now I drive a 2009 Ford Crown Victoria P71. That is a former cop car with a 3.36 differential, Traction Lok (positraction for you Chevy guys). That car dies Dec 31 this year because of an age limit law imposed by the Government that thinks they have to protect us from ourselves. If I buy a 2018 car I should get to use it for 8 years or 300K

I'm a Ford guy but I don't think Ford has enough time in the Hybrid field as of yet. The maintenance record of Toyota is a big asset.

I've been reading alot, learning really, because there is so much that is done differently on a Hybrid. I've gone on long enough I guess. I'll pop in a few places to ask questions but at the moment I would like to say the whole thing is intensely overwhelming.
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I love posts like this.......and hate them at the same time.

The problem is: NOBODY knows your exact situation, no matter how much you try to explain it.
Thus any "advice" you get might be great but it might be entirely wrong too.

Late model Prii typically are very reliable, right up to the second that major things start going bad and then they can be a real pain if you insist on trying to keep it running.

It seems to me like you have an excellent resource available to you in other cab drivers who are using a Prius.......if you talk to each other.

Being 71 myself, I can imagine I still will be driving at 78.....but NOT in commercial service. After riding a motorcycle for about 50 years, I just switched to 3 wheels this year.

Does your state REALLY refuse to register a vehicle that is over 9 years old ???
That sucks.

'17 Prius C-4
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