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Default Bridgestone launches new low rolling-resistance tire- to help fuel economy

What are low rolling-resistance tires? If you take two vehicles, one with conventional tires and one with low rolling-resistance tires, and free-roll them with no mechanical input down a slope, the one with low rolling-resistance tires will go further than the one with conventional tires with the same amount of energy input. Low rolling-resistance tires minimize wasted energy as a tire rolls. This is how low rolling-resistance tires contribute to better fuel economy.

Of course, there was a price to pay. The wet and dry performance of low rolling-resistance tires was typically worse than that for a similar conventional tire. Simply stated, they had less grip. And they would wear faster than a conventional tire.

Bridgestone recently launched two new low rolling-resistance tires the Ecopia EP422 for fuel-efficient vehicles and the Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia for SUV, CUV and light truck applications that incorporate technology that improves grip and extends tire life.

What do you guys think of the low resiting tiers? Just really cursious has anyone used them before?

Feature: Bridgestone launches new low rolling-resistance tire -
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