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Default DTC P0A9C - How to Diagnose Issue?

Hi everyone,

I have a '06 Prius with about 150k miles that I have owned for 6 yrs. I now have the red triangle with an exclamation point showing on my combo meter, my car has trouble accelerating at times, and when the car has trouble accelerating the HV battery fan turns on full blast. I read these symptoms could indicate a dying battery, but I did just replace both batteries 3 yrs ago. I am pulling the DTC P0A9C using an obd II by BAFX. I read that this DTC indicates a damaged or obstructed hybrid battery temperature sensor, but I am not too sure and hoped you guys could provide some troubleshoot/diagnosis recommendations. My temps sensors are reading as follows: HV Battery Temp 1 - 52.16F; Temp 2 - 51.17F; Temp 3 - 51.656F. Thus, no divergent temps like some others have had.

I am a college student new to working on my car to save money, but I did successfully change the instrument cluster a few months back so I'm hoping I can DIY fix this. Any suggestions/advice is greatly appreciated.
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