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Cool 2007 Prius 148k Red Triangle resolved

Hi! My 2007 Prius started showing the red triangle after sitting in the garage for three months , with only being started and idled for a few minutes every weekend. It drives fine. The dealership completed a 10K servicing and found nothing wrong during its checkpoint inspection. I’m still waiting to be told the fault codes but they recommend replacement of the hybrid battery for about $3.5 K. I never had an issue with this car though it has a couple of dents from stupid driving mistakes. All recalls were taken care of and all servicing has been done with the dealership. I took it for smog testing to be able to sell it and midway the red triangle and check engine lights went away. Smog test is complete. What happened here? Will it keep for a couple of years without a new battery? Should I sell it for nothing and be done with it. I am in California.

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