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Default Hello all

I have 2009 Prius with 155k miles on it that had its hybrid battery and computer replaced 2 Year?s ago. 2 weeks ago the little red triangle with an exclamation point started coming on occasionally when breaking. Throughout this past week it has increased in frequency. Now it is coming on every time braking or decelerating (foot off the gas and not on autopilot). This is exactly what was occurring the first time the battery went bad.
When I watch the battery on the energy screen it is stagnant. It is not charging during braking and it is not contributing energy when accelerating. I couldn?t get the car into dealership until today. Let?s just say the weekend crew is not as on top of their game as the week day crew. Check in was confusing and did not instill confidence. They call later and say they don?t know what?s wrong with it but it?s NOT the battery. Really? They are keeping the car until Monday. Because that is when they have a competent mechanic on? Or it?s when the head manager is on to deal with upset me when they tell me it is the battery?
Am I too jaded to feel like I need to question everything? Anyways hoping to know the codes by Monday. But stressing about it in the meantime and hoping some one here can rest my fears or confirm my suspicions.
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