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Originally Posted by Easy Rider View Post
I think most of your problem is the aftermarket bulbs that you have chosen.
The Sylvania ones have a bad reputation.

HID conversions often CAUSE more problems than they solve; sometimes big problems.

I suggest that you get the bulb number from the stock headlight bulb and do a "google" search for high output replacements. There are better options out there than the Silver Stars that you have been using......for a slightly higher price.

I know the most often recommended brand.......but have a brain cramp now and can't remember it. Sorry.
Hey Easy Rider,

Just wanted to ask if you had an update on the most recommended brand?

I'm asking because headlight problems are an issue I've had in the past, and I remember someone highly recommending the Sylvania ones, but I wasn't too impressed when I tested them out myself.

I simply wanted to find out more about better recommendations for future purposes, thanks!
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