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Default Driver side manufacturers headlight wiring problem

Just found out about the ongoing prob on the 2011 prius with the driver side headlight wiring prematurely blowing the bulb. I am on my 4th set since the orig. ones blew.
I decided to try some LED's since I was hearing the higher voltage requirement for the aftermarket bulbs such as the best that Sylvania makes (SilverStar Ultra'[email protected]$51.00 a pop!) was the reason they were only lasting me 6-9mths! (and was not that impressive on light output anyway)
I forget exactly but the charge was upwards of 200-300 to have this problem fixed by Toyota! (Toyota made the mistake but we have to pay for it!) This of course should have been a recall and fixed!
Anyway, I do not like the LED's I got as they are just not lighting the road up enough,PLUS when I turn them on I loose every radio station, so wanted to see if anyone else has been going thru this and might know what low watt bulb out there may light things up more than most people know about?
Also a BIG question I have is has anyone installed a HID kit on a Prius? But I am guessing that will only cause problems due to it already having a wattage problem, right?
But as for the HID's if anyone else has fixed the wiring prob, and love the amount of light they put out, I would probably go with the HID's because I have poor night vision and want to light up the road as much as I can get away with!
I read how to fix them some where on line but forgot where i seen it at the time, but not sure if i can pull it off by myself? Sounded pretty complicated. Anyone done this fix yet?
The LED's are terrible especially after I switch to the factory brights!(that I have never had to change)
When I go from the brights to the low beams, it's like I can barely see the road!

Anyway, any help at all here will be greatly appreciated. Thx!
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