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Default Prius as a home electrical generator

A friend of mine, a physicist, gave me an interesting idea:
Buy a good strong power inverter, like 1000W Schumacher,
and hook it to the 12-V battery. Put the keys in the ignition.
The power is enough to drive your refrigerator, LED lights and laptop and cell phones chargers during emergency blackout.
How it works: The 12-V battery takes electricity from the big battery.
When the Li battery drops under min level, engine starts and recharges it.
Then engine shuts down and waits till the next power drop down.
Pros: No need to buy, store and maintain a generator from HomeDepot.
1000 W power inverter is the size of the shoe box.
The car you drive every day is ready to give you power anytime.
No rusty or clogged carburetor.
Prius will turn on 10-15 min each hour or so. Will not produce unused electricity all the time, only as much as you consume.
Prius is silent. emergency generators are noisy.

However, another friend of mine, car specialist and engineer, said it will not work with Prius, but perhaps will work with Volt. His argument, Prius will only generate electricity for as long as it moves.
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