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Default Dealing with lack of spare tire on Prius 4?

We think we're about to buy a 2016 Prius Four Touring model (because we want the all the safety-related packages). Unfortunately I am very annoyed to find that this supposedly top-of-the-line option lacks a spare tire, while the Two, Three, and Three Touring all have "temporary spares."

I've used the temporary spare in my 2005 Prius twice, and the first time I actually put several hundred miles on it. I have no confidence that the "repair kit" would have been sufficient.

So, what's the deal? Is this just a question of money? Is there an obvious place to store a temporary spare in the car, and can I just buy one from the dealer? How does that work and how have other people dealt with it?
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It is most likely a weight consideration. I'm guessing your model has some "stuff" that the others don't which increases the total weight slightly....and decreases the gas mileage a tiny they leave out the spare to compensate.

Likely there is space for a donut spare. If you haven't signed the papers yet, this should be a negotiable item. Try to get them to throw in a spare for "cost". So yes, you can get a spare tire by itself or a "kit" that includes jack from the dealer.......or junk yard.

P.S. This is well worth doing. I thought my "auto club" membership meant that I don't need a spare.......until I found out that they will NOT bring you a tire and mount it by the side of the road. If you don't have a good spare, the only thing they will do for you is TOW.

A truly wise man is one who knows that he knows not.

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Agree that a spare is essential, otherwise you are subject to the whims and wishes of whoever it is that you are calling for help. Worst case scenario is being stranded on the side of the road in a bad area of your city or town!!!!!
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According to Toyota website for Prius, the temporary spare is only available on 2, 3 and 3 touring. The others only come with a "repair kit". I believe the floor is molded differently on those models, so a temporary spare would have to sit on top of the carpet. The two Eco also doesn't have a rear window wiper/washer. Not a good decision on Toyota's part.
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Our Prime also has no spare. I'm thinking of adding a sealant to the tires now. Ride-On is a brand of sealant friends have had good results with in motorcycle tires, and they also have an auto version. It is water washable and not a big mess like Slime. Of course, if the tire is gashed, no sealant will do any good. Tow truck time, or jack the car up and find a way to take the wheel to a tire shop.
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Default Apparently they fixed this for 2017

My one experience with a no-spare "tire repair kit" car was with a rental. (Not a Toyota.) Total disaster. I'd run over something nasty, and the sealant just all ran out onto the pavement. Long story short, I missed a flight because of this.

So this is a big deal for me, and made sure the dealer knew that when we were looking at cars a week and a half ago. We ended up getting a '16 Four Touring. The dealer told us that the Four had a spare tire after we rejected a Two Eco because of the lack of spare.

Apparently the '17 Fours have a spare, just not the '16's. I'd guess Toyota got too much grief about that decision. Apparently the dealer didn't realize there was a change.

Bad on me for believing the dealer, but he admits he blew it. He's going to get us a spare. I sure hope that there's a way to swap out that foam cradle so the spare can fit down underneath. We'll see what happens.
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